Principal Investigator

 Barbara Bonelli

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editor of Molecules- Section Photochemistry

Coordinator of the PhD. programme  Materials Science and Technology at ScuDo,  PoliTo

Assistant Professors

Marco Armandi

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Serena esposito

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editor Materials section Catalytic Materials

editor Elsevier Surface and Interface

Researchers and Postdocs

 Francesca S. Freyria

tel: +39 011090 4775

Marie S. Curie fellow

Project: Lush Art


tel: +39 011090 4775

PhD. Students

Nicola Blangetti

tel: +39 011090 4775

Visiting scholars

Tanveer Ahmed Gadhi

Assistant Professor

at the U.S.- Pakistan Center for Advanced Studies in Water at Mehran University of Engineering and Technology (MUET), Jamshoro, Pakistan

Undergraduate Students

Open positions available


Maria Chiara Calviello, master student, July 2020: “Degradazione fotocatalitica del paracetamolo

Roberto Nasi, PhD student, Graduated 2020: Transition metals doped TiO2 nanoparticles obtained by sol‐gel templated assisted synthesis. Physico‐ chemical properties and catalytic applications Successive position: Material Engineer at Kaitek Flash Battery

Vincenzo Annelio, master student, October 2019: TiO2 mixed phases and their behaviour towards the photocatalytic degradation of N-phenylureaSuccessive position: Process Engineer at  Techfem Spa

Zahra Shamsivisiting PhD. student, 2019, Graduated in November 2019: Preparation and application of graphene oxide based magnetic nanocomposites in pre-concentration and determination of some drugs and environmental pollutants. Successive position: PostDoc at Zanjan universtity, Zanjan, IRAN

Nicola Blangetti, master student, December 2018:  Degradation of Nitrogen Pollutants.

Giulia Di Francesco, master student, July 2018: Compositi con proprietà magnetiche ottenuti da matrici zeolitiche per la “detection” di biomolecole

Elnaz Bahadori, PhD Student, 2017: Physico-Chemical properties of hybrid organic/inorganic nanotube of imogolite type. Successive position: Post doc at UniMi, Milano, IT. Superivsor Prof. Ilenia Rossetti 

Ehsan Shafia, PhD Student, 2015: Synthesis and Characterization Of Fe-modified Imogolite Nanotubes. Successive position: Account Manager at G&J Resources Inc., PT Professor at The Centre for Advanced Technologies – Seneca College, Toronto, CA.